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My name is Mike Thomas...and I Am Dyslexic.

I help Dyslexics, Parents of Dyslexic Children, and Teachers

"Treat the Trauma"
"Learn...How to Learn"
"Master Skills"

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The Problem

Your child is dyslexic. Your child feels scared, embarrassed, confused and frustrated.

Your Child believes they are Dumb !

The school talks about accommodations like granting your child more time, or special ed, but your child does not want to be seen as "handicapped"

You can't afford the expensive tutors... or even more expensive learning centers... 

You ask yourself, "Is it My fault?"  It is so painful to watch your child struggle, and not know how to help... It is tearing your family apart...


The Plan

I offer Three classes: One for Adult Dyslexics, one for Families with Dyslexic Children, and one just for Teachers.

In these classes you will learn  Dyslexics learn differently, but we are not dumb.

The First Step... 
"Treat the Trauma"

The Second Step...
Learn ... "How Dyslexics Learn"

The Third Step...
Learn...How Dyslexics "Master Skills"...

Like... How Dyslexics Read
How We Study...
How We Solve Problems
How We Write a Paper
and much, much more...

The Result

Your child's attitude will change.

Feelings of Fear of Humiliation, and of feeling Dumb will fade,

Your happy, intelligent child will re-emerge.

Your student will be excited about learning, unafraid to take on new lessons.

Together, you will explore
Your family will be brought back together

"Demystifying Dyslexia" - The Class

I know your Family is devastated by Dyslexia? I know the helpless feeling you have, knowing your child or student is struggling in class,  afraid that the other kids will find out your dyslexic can't read. I know as a parent or teacher your heart is crushed each time they say "I am just dumb"...   


Hi, I'm Mike Thomas and I will be your instructor for this course, "Demystifying Dyslexia"

What are my qualifications?

First of all... I am Dyslexic. Yes, I know what your child is going through because I went through it myself.

Fortunately, I learned to compensate for my dyslexia and I developed "Special Techniques" that helped me get through college and obtain a BS in Physiological Psychology and Learning Disorders.

I studied learning disorders and taught at the UCLA Psychological Clinic School.

Over the years I have taught at every level of K-12 and college.

Also, I wrote our textbook, "The Successful Dyslexic".  

(By the way, the word "Successful" in the title is not referring to making money or achieving high office... but rather, learning to overcome our dyslexia, so we can be happy and useful throughout our lives.)

Enrollment for all classes of "Demystifying Dyslexia" is underway NOW.

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Unfortunately, some classes are limited so I may give each Teacher, Student, and their Families the individual attention they deserve.


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Top 10 things You Need to Understand about Your Dyslexic Child

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